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Who we are

Rent an Actor is run by former actors who want to make actors’ talent accessible to more people, for ad hoc projects or ongoing collaborations. Our clients include individuals and businesses. All our actors are professionally trained and experienced, and they are confident improvisers with a creative and professional approach.

Where we are

Most of our actors are based in London, UK. If you have a job taking place elsewhere please get in touch, we may be able to help with some local talent.


We have a range of very happy clients, but in the interest of confidentiality we can’t always give details of the types of jobs we have completed, especially in the case of private individuals.

Amec Foster Wheeler
Belmont Training
Bouygues UK
CBS Interactive
Environment Agency
Metropolitan Police
Saffron Interactive
Take One Productions
The Telegraph
Trinity Mirror PLC

Sonja and her team have been absolutely brilliant. We had a call and Sonja really took the time to understand what I was after, worked with me on budget, made recommendations and found the perfect people for the job. The actors were confident and chatty and also made time to talk to me in advance of working to make sure everything ran smoothly. We had a Whatsapp group so I was kept up to date and we were easily able to communicate throughout. They exceeded my expectations with results and overall I've had a fantastic experience. It has been so easy and I would definitely use Rent-an-actor again!

How it works

When you approach us with a potential booking, we require details of what kind of person you feel would suit the job, ie their gender, approximate age, ideal appearance and anything else that may be relevant, such as time and location of the booking and any background the performer should be aware of. Please be prepared to discuss the job in more detail either by email or phone. Based on the information you give us we can then share some actors’ profiles with you who we feel may suit the job. You decide who you wish to book.


Every enquiry has its own individual requirements.
After we got in touch with you and have understand all your needs in detail we will give you an individual offer and pricing.

What we do

We can help with anything that requires a person you can’t find anywhere else.

We can pretend to be most people in many situations, from family occasions to corporate events, we can accompany clients to functions, deliver a message, dress up, prank or help with training.

We can be serious and business like, or silly and inject a note of humour to whatever occasion you have in mind.

We can perform in most public places in whatever capacity required, or act over a phone call or Skype.

What we don’t do

Stunts, dangerous jobs; one-on-one bookings in private residences/’massages’; acting in a capacity most people would consider morally wrong (i.e. stalking exes, delivering fake/bad news that could disturb an individual or cause them to react in a violent way towards the performer, pranks intended to bully or frighten).


We regularly post jobs on the usual casting websites, please keep an eye out.
We are excited to hear from new performers, but don't represent actors as an agency does. We have a number of actors we work with on a regular basis, and there isn't a 'type' we do or don't need, so if you wish to share your Spotlight, CCP or Starnow link with us, please do. Unfortunately, we are rarely able to offer paid work to actors new to the business. You must have an online presence and relevant training. We are especially excited to hear from actors over 55, and anyone with special skills, musicians or performers with access to costumes.

Rent an Actor


The more details and information we have about the job you need us to do, the better we’re able to perform convincing roles. Costume hire may be charged extra.

Please try and give us at least 3 working days lead time for any booking, this is the absolute minimum we need to cast and prepare your job to the best of our abilities.

Please send an E-Mail to or use our contact form below

About you

About the Job

To work with you, we need the relevant information at least a week before your intended booking.
In some cases, we reserve the right to ask for up to 50% deposit, at least 48 hours before commencement of the booking in order to start casting your job.
Some individuals may be more difficult to cast than others, and a premium may apply to harder to cast jobs where a rare type of performer is needed with special skills, availability or looks.
We don't supply child actors or extras, but can recommend agencies that do.
You are responsible for providing a safe environment for our actors to work in, with relevant insurance in place to ensure their health and wellbeing.
We need regular breaks and catering in place please for bookings lasting more than 4 hours.
Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, maximum 30 days after the booking, via BACS, PayPal or cheque.

A guide to Equity minimum rates

Thank you. Your contact request has been send. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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